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You know, this is a very simple game but I actually like it a lot. I never noticed before but the background changes almost every time you restart and there are some really neat enemy patterns. If this is your first game I think it's rather impressive how cohesive it is. Keep it up!

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This is really good! It's pretty effective at evoking that feeling of being on the edge of sleep. The humming and whispering samples are just the kind of nonsense you might hear in such a state and the fade out at the end finally brings sleep!

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I think the title is very fitting! I can totally imagine this song playing over a mine full of toxic waste. I really like the portion at :26. The delay type effect really accentuates the cave environment and the warping sounds in the background give a feeling of disorientation. The main problem with the track is the dirty lead and maybe the horns/brass that come in later. They seem slightly overbearing like they might be bothersome or cacophonous if you were playing the level for an extended period of time.

Joey4Track responds:

Hey thanks for all the feedback and reviews! I agree on your points, very helpful :)

It's not too bad but it feels a bit weak for what it seems to be attempting. The rhythm doesn't drive it along and for some reason the constant hi-hat almost feels like it's stumbling a tiny bit at points. I liked the change at :45. I guess the main problem to me is that it's fairly quiet, the rhythm isn't very tight and I don't think it takes you anywhere.

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I love this! I like how serious the Captain is contrasted with how cute the shark is. Especially when he wiggles his tail!

Y'all were some bad kids! I like the kind of dreamy look, it makes it seem more like a memory.

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Bertn1991 responds:

But we didn't mean to look up porn though. We were just dumb kids typing in random things. Thanks for your kind review. I'm glad you appreciate the dreaminess :)

It's like a window to another world!

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