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This is really excellent! Did you record the guitars for this?

DreyLand responds:

Hi, thanks a lot, I'm glad you like it!
And to answer to your question, no, the guitars are all programmed.

This is really good! It's pretty effective at evoking that feeling of being on the edge of sleep. The humming and whispering samples are just the kind of nonsense you might hear in such a state and the fade out at the end finally brings sleep!

I think the title is very fitting! I can totally imagine this song playing over a mine full of toxic waste. I really like the portion at :26. The delay type effect really accentuates the cave environment and the warping sounds in the background give a feeling of disorientation. The main problem with the track is the dirty lead and maybe the horns/brass that come in later. They seem slightly overbearing like they might be bothersome or cacophonous if you were playing the level for an extended period of time.

Joey4Track responds:

Hey thanks for all the feedback and reviews! I agree on your points, very helpful :)

It's not too bad but it feels a bit weak for what it seems to be attempting. The rhythm doesn't drive it along and for some reason the constant hi-hat almost feels like it's stumbling a tiny bit at points. I liked the change at :45. I guess the main problem to me is that it's fairly quiet, the rhythm isn't very tight and I don't think it takes you anywhere.

It sounds pretty cool man! It's got a very mystical feeling to it. The only negative thing to me is that there didn't seem to be enough 'breathing room' throughout the song. The bells are pretty unrelenting. I liked how restrained they are in the beginning of the track. Also, that little touch at the end was neat, like a bell fading in and panning a bit.

Pretty sweet! I second the oriental feel. The only really bad thing I hear is the piano sounds a bit stiff throughout. Are those strings from Native Instruments?

This sounds pretty great! Really polished and professional. My only criticism is that 'hype level' of the song seems pretty much the same throughout and there doesn't feel like much of a journey.

Pretty sweet! The opening is perfect and ominous with that organ like sound. I could absolutely see this being the final boss music in some RPG.

DreyLand responds:

Thanks a lot for this review, I'm glad you like it! :)

Man, it's been really cool listening to your sound evolve over the years! I really liked the tonal shift around the 3 minute mark. Every time I hear one of your songs I find out about some new VST or technology. Keep it up!

Daru925 responds:

Hello, long time no see^^
Really? Thank you very much then.
To hear such kind comment is worth a thousand plays.
All the best to you!

Awesome! Calming and happy. It's almost a bit repetitive but I think there's enough variation that it works. Or maybe it's not repetitive at all and I'm just listening to it too much.

akiTONE responds:

Haha, I've found my music tends to fall into either category.

If people are listening to my music on repeat until they get sick of it, it means they're actually listening to the whole thing, and it makes me weirdly happy.


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